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"Turning your design ideas into exciting new products that exceed expectations"

Evocativo Product Design are a team of engineers and designers with a mission to turn design ideas into exciting new products that exceed expectations.

Understanding your business, your clients and your ideas to design and produce a product that matches your vision

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Our engineers have a unique artistic and creative eye. We visualize the working elements that make up a product then create these elements using computer design tools. From this we produce a set of engineering 3D CAD models and 2D drawings that can be used by manufacturers worldwide.


We have designed electronic circuitry and enclosures for devices used in automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft as well as household, wearables, comm and many other consumer goods. We will design your electronic circuity devices that optimize the space requirements for any electronic packaging challenge.


We not only design the hardware, we can program the software that makes it tick. From complex, smart wearable devices to simple toys, we do it all. Our ability to see how the software integrates with and enhances the physical design makes for a hassle-free experience on the user’s end.


Eye-appealing designs must be integrated early in the project development phase for products intended for the consumer market. Functionality will always drive the finished design. Initially, hand sketches are combined with CAD modeling to create a stylish look. The style then guides engineering to create the details.


The objective of any prototype is to verify the design as presented by the Engineers, and also to validate the overall concept as envisioned by the client. We offer any level of prototype manufacturing. We only prototype products which we engineered.


Products that are currently in use or new products that are ready to be produced, must be designed with manufacturing costs in mind. Unless care is taken to optimize the design for your specific production volume runs, the cost to produce your product may drive a market price that is too high.

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Evocativo Latest Products

Some of the latest design products from Evocativo Product Design.
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ReadyGolf Cart

A transportable system that keeps your golf bag on your cart for the entire season


A custom design of luxury phones and other exquisite products

Medical Device

Our Product Engineers specialize in all types of product design including Medical product design

ORBglider® is a new fitness device that burns calories and improves core strength.
It evolved over an 11 month period before the working concept was sent to us for final redesign.


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Product Designer

If you have an idea or a dream for a new product that you would like to get started designing for production or need a product design engineer, then we would love to help you on your journey to get your design idea created by one of our qualified product design engineers.

This Is Us

These are a few of the key people you will be dealing with during the day to day production of your product

Robert DeBardeleben

Founder & C.E.O.

“Owned and run by former Lockheed -Martin & racing engineer Robert DeBardeleben, Evocativo Product Design uses the vast experience of both Robert and his employees to turn product dreams into reality. By managing projects from conception through to prototype and onward to the manufacturing process, clients and inventors alike i’ll take them..

Glenn Bott

Customer Service Engineer

“After graduating from the University of Colorado, Glenn worked in the research department of Coors for 18 years before launching a product development company. Glenn then represented many fabrication and machine shops in the greater Denver area as a business development specialist. He’s an avid cyclist and snow golfer and loves the excitement of bringing elegant new technologies to the market. Glenn is very excitable.”

Ian Smith

London Based

“An accomplished and highly experienced product development consultant now offering a comprehensive technical knowledge , expertise and advice to potential clients.
Having received a professional graduate education in England along with comprehensive and direct experience working for a multitude of leading blue chip and world class companies, it was a natural career progression to migrate into a product design consultancy role..

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We want to make sure that we get you the right engineer to talk to you about your inquiry, so please fill out our contact form.

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What Does Prototype Mean?

The term “prototype” means different things to different people. Admittedly the definition of “prototype” when applied to the real world can be a bit confusing.

Getting Inside Your Head! Wish Us Luck

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