Questions & Answers

We have done our best to answer the most asked questions below.

The Next Step – Once you fill out the question form Glenn or one of our engineers will email you to set up a call time and day. He will then assign your project to our most qualified team member, who will in a few days also contact you to provide a formal estimate.

We do not require a long term contract. We are a pay-as-you-go service. You may stop (or start) the project at any time. Payments can be made in small increments as you approve the prior work completed.

We accept mailed checks or direct wire transfer. We do not accept credit card payments. Information how to make a payment will be included in the estimate we provide.

Every team member has an Engineering or Design degree from an accredited university. Our team has years of experience and is an expert in areas such as sheet metals, plastics, machined parts, electronics, composites, and more.

We work on a lot of different types of projects. Those things we don’t do are textiles, foods, chemicals, custom pneumatics, and inflatables.

We work by the hour on time and material basis only. Our rates may be higher than other firms but each team member has vast experience and is worth it! Rates for each person needed on your project will be denoted on your formal estimate.

Everything we create is owned by you. We assign all rights of ownership to you or your company. However if you default on a payment, write us a bad check, cancel your credit card, etc., then we own everything we created.

We aren’t Patent Attorneys but if you don’t already have one we have some great ones we can recommend. It’s up to you to protect yourself but we have some good advice on this subject. Don’t let a similar existing patent discourage you.

We have engineers and designers across the country. Each has their own area of expertise and experience. We pair your project with the nearest expert in your project field who may not be the closest team member to your location.

Our experts can design all sorts of products from small toys to complex medical devices. We’ve designed products for the individual inventor to start-up companies to the largest auto and aerospace companies.

Things we don’t do are textiles, foods, chemicals, custom pneumatics, and inflatables.

As progress is made, we provide you frequent progress reports and budget statements. At any time during the process you have the option to make another deposit to continue your project or not. Making additional payments is voluntary.

We do Not. The nature of design is abstract and difficult to estimate. Requirements constantly change as a project matures, making costs impossible to predict from the onset. We can only provide a good faith estimate not a fixed quote.

We can assist you with any or all of your campaign technical needs. We also have a company we work with that we can refer you to that can produce your entire crowdfunding campaign including videos and marketing.

Sorry but we don’t provide labor in exchange for equity. We are work-for-hire only. The primary reason is that an equity stake in a product would prevent us from designing future products in the same market space, which would be a conflict of interest.

We have resources to get the design prototyped. We do mark up all purchases for resale or you could buy them yourself and drop ship to us. We can only prototype designs we create for you, not designs from other firms. Without a better Ouija Board we can’t estimate costs of prototypes until a design is completed.

We have the connections to get your product manufactured either domestically or overseas. We only help with the manufacturing phases for projects that we have designed for you. We won’t submit to our suppliers a design we aren’t confident.

When we provide your formal estimate we will also supply our Service Guarantee, which will explain in detail pretty much everything else you need to know. We can’t guarantee costs or schedule but we do our best to meet them.

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